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NeuroNetworking 2023

NeuroNetPro is an education and consulting organization focused on improving clinical performance through operational innovations. Formed from a consortium of fifteen successful neurologist owned practices distributed across the United States, its collective expertise lies in stellar implementation of comprehensive centers of excellence, use of “teambased” care models, continual improvement in workflow for business sustainability, effective operation of adjunct diagnostic and treatment services, and has become a sounding board for ideas and opportunities. 

NeuroNet Pro, where “Connect – Collab – Create” is a way of life!

Program Highlights

 Case based approach to what-to-order-when, protocols, documentation, authorizations, understanding radiology reports, basic image interpretation, using images with your patients

Informatics for clinical decision support, patient identification for treatments & clinic trials

Running Imaging within a clinical practice: more realistic than you may think

Practice Analytics, Tele-Neuro, Chat-Bots, Scheduling Wizards, Intelligent Automation, tools for structured capture of physiologic data, remote monitoring, reimbursement considerations

Payer relation best Practices, documentation tips, & technology, evolving to value based care models

New Practice Start-Up: Benefits & Impediments

Compensation models, contracts, opportunities, risks & expectations

Neuroimaging & novel biomarkers in the precision diagnosis, management & treatment of adult & pediatric neurologic disorders

Robotics, AI, machine learning & other advances in image acquisition for speed & precision

Roundtable Discussions on topical, intersecting issues with clinical peers & industry leaders

Developing subspecialty centers of excellence, & the role of research & data

Entrepreneurialism, Collaboration, Centers-of-Excellence Models in Community settings

Onboarding, business considerations, benefit to Patients, Providers & Practice

Job Fair & Networking for APPs, MDs, trainees, & managers (by Neurology Practice Consortium)


Mission of NeuroNet: 


Improve Quality of Neurologic Care in a Cost Effective Manner Through Support and Advocacy for Accessible and Affordable Outpatient Care

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